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You’ve seen those magazine racks in the entryways at Hornbacher’s or the Y.  These are such a great combination of some of my favorite things:  scoring a deal, reading, and local events.  Every month I leave with arms full of free glossies to discover hipster activities to which I can drag accompany my husband and new parenting tips to try out on my children.  We’re lucky to have a wide array of these publications available, written and produced by local talent.

If the above resonates with you (I blame my mother, really), then you’ve probably already seen the December issue of FM Stride.  It’s the Fargo area’s Health & Lifestyle magazine, and they always have fun features and accompanying spreads.  This month is no exception.

FM Stride Feature

the women behind the movement

Diva Connection’s fabulous founding females are featured in beautiful photography and an inspiring article describing the organization’s purpose and mission.  If you’re still unfamiliar with how Diva Connection works, this is a great primer.  If you’re a DC veteran and receive updates from the site on a regular basis, maybe this will help put a face to the names for you.

Thank you to FM Stride magazine for helping spread the word about Diva Connection!


If you’re out Christmas shopping and checking that list twice, maybe you have room for one more item?  Cold Fusion in downtown Fargo (in the Black Building) has partnered with Diva Connection and the Red River Youth for Christ Teen Parents program to provide gifts for children ages newborn-14 years.  You can pick up a gift tag at Cold Fusion (114 N Broadway, second floor), then bring back your new, wrapped items by December 14.

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