New Year, New Feelings

Keep Calm

Feeling drives everything we do.  It is the hidden motivation and, as I have come to believe, the only true lasting motivation that can keep us moving toward our goals.  Sure, gobs of money and a hot bod might be a great kick-start to get us off our butts, but those are not long-term motivating factors.  How we use that money to enrich our lives and how that physical energy makes us FEEL are true motivation for lasting change.

The motivational feeling can come in different forms.  It can be something we’re searching for (love, acceptance, security); something we’re avoiding (rejection, failure, boredom); or the cause of a resulting reaction (anger, frustration, sleepiness).  Any of these applications can be used in positive or negative ways.

This is what allows advertising to be so successful.  Ads play off of our feelings.  Don Draper creates an image, a snapshot of a life that incorporates a certain product which the ad is selling (think contented woman using a blue dish soap surrounded by cheerful children and sparkling kitchen).  When we view this image, our senses collide to create a feeling in us.  Our human nature causes us to believe that if we purchase said product, we can recreate that same feeling in our own lives on a regular basis.

All of these into-the-deep analyses are the result of watching a little teaser video online a couple weeks ago for Danielle LaPorte’s book and “multimedia guide” The Desire Map.  (Please note:  this should in no way to be taken as an endorsement for this book, program, or author.  I have done nothing beyond watch the snippet and read this webpage.  I cannot say if the book is helpful, harmful, or otherwise.)  However, just seeing this and reading a few lines about “you’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling” turned on so many light bulbs for me, and I think for women in particular!

You can probably see where this is going.  It’s New Year’s Resolutions time, baby!  I’ll be honest; I’m not usually big into the New Year’s resolutions.  I have nothing against them, I just don’t see the beginning of a calendar year as necessarily the best place to review my life and set some goals.  Frankly, that just wouldn’t be often enough for me!  But in the light of this new “feelings as motivation” theory, I did find myself energized last week to create some resolutions of sort.  They all manifested as answers to the same question:

*In 2013, I want to feel…*

How do you want to feel this year?  Each and every day?  Don’t think about what you want to DO necessarily, but which feelings you desire.  Then work from there.  What are healthy and lasting ways in which you can achieve those feelings?  (Don’t forget, “healthy and lasting” is key here too.  Eating three pieces of pie in a single sitting might make you feel comforted in the moment, but I shouldn’t even have to point out that’s not healthy, and the comfort derived is fleeting at best.)

How did you answer that question for 2013?  If you said you want to feel Energized, Healthy, Sexy, Sweaty, or Challenged, then Diva Connection can help.  And you can help us, too.  We’ve recently been contacted by Dance-Fit to “Shake It for a Cause.”  Every week in 2013, Dance-Fit’s Sunday afternoon class will be free and open to the public!  All they ask is a free-will offering to support local charities.  Diva Connection is the “cause” for January-March!  You can donate any amount, and all proceeds will go to benefit Diva Connection and the women we support.  The classes are at 3 p.m. each Sunday.  Dance-Fit is located in the lower level of Catalyst Medical Center, 1800 21st Ave S in Fargo.

Dance-Fit Logo

dance your way to positive feelings

Want to feel Uplifted, Friendship, Inspired, Helpful, Empowered, Silly, or Supported?  Then get ready for a fun time, free appetizers, and a chance to connect with amazing women in our community the third Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7 p.m. at Maxwells (1380 9th St E) in West Fargo.  Come make new connections or strengthen old ones by having your next girls’ night out at the Diva Connection Happy Hour.  Maxwells is donating a portion of all sales on these third Tuesdays to Diva Connection Foundation.

Diva Connection Happy Hour

strengthening community

Here’s to an experience of positive feelings in 2013 and the support needed to go out and grab them for yourself – cheers!