Mark Your Calendars for May 11

Diva Connection Foundation is growing and empowering more women than ever!  That also means that more women are finding us and asking for help.  In order to continue spreading the good news about DC, with the hopes of raising funds to expand our connections and efforts, we have exciting news:

The launching of the new, hot, and fresh Diva Connection Magazine on May 11!  The magazine will feature stories from inspiring women in our community, on global women’s issues, and will also include the first women’s take-along list of Connections You Can Trust.  We surveyed women from the area and got their input on not only which businesses, events, and services they love in the community, but specifically WHY these connections are their most trusted.

You know how when you read a swimsuit review online, and it’s rated five stars with the words, “Great suit!  Love it!”  So, you think to yourself, “This must be a fantastic suit, I’ll order one!”  It arrives, you lock yourself in your closet, and you wiggle it on.  One look in the mirror and it’s clear:  this suit may be great for someone rockin’ the Ds, but it’s not doing your subliminal Bs any favors.  A better review would have explained exactly WHY that person rated it five stars:  “I love this suit because it holds in my larger girls without smooshing them down.  Perfect for larger chests.”

Women trust each other’s opinion like this, and we have harnessed the power of feminine feedback in Connections You Can Trust.   Plus, we’ve made it pocket-size so you can put it in your purse and bring it with you.

The first issue of Diva Connection Magazine will focus on what we know best:  Connections.  The cover feature will tell the stories of six women in the community (including our own Nicole Phillips and Chris Linnares) and connections that changed their lives.  We hope this magazine will inspire you and motivate you to reach out to others and make a connection that could change someone’s life.

Magazine Cover


As Diva Connection grows, the necessity for funding grows too.  DC Magazine is being published free of charge thanks to our sponsor, Forum Communications Company, and all proceeds from ad sales will benefit Diva Connection.  Shut. the. front. door.  Am I right?!  We could not be more excited for this opportunity to spread the word about this mission we believe will change the world.

Many people are always asking us how they can get involved and help Diva Connection.  If you have a business that sells to women or know someone who might be interested in advertising in Diva Connection Magazine, we encourage you to please contact Amy Fredrickson at afredrickson(at) or 701.451.5629.  All ads are full-page, so you will have beautiful, long-lasting exposure.

Magazine Spec Sheet

Diva Connection:  Empowering Each Other.  Impacting the World.