How to Get a Moment Alone….Or Not

Inspiration has been slim to nil lately.  I am falling into some doldrums and finding it hard to climb out.  In a bid at positivity, I am blaming the blues that can’t help but creep in as winter storm warnings drag into mid-April.  The positive part being that it’s only temporary.  Blurg.


A couple evenings ago, I was home alone with my two sons, ages 3 1/2 and 16 mos.  Like any human, I needed a bathroom break.  I headed to the bathroom, and of course they followed me like a couple little ducklings.  (Why is it that when you need to leave the house in the next five minutes, you can’t even get them on the same level of the home as you, but when you need 90 seconds alone, you can’t seem to get them off your tail?)

I should be used to that, because really, it’s a fast learning curve as a parent to find that moments alone are few and far between, even in the case of using the toilet.  Nothing’s sacred anymore.

Bathroom Break

true story.

Anyway, my ducklings followed me into the bathroom this time, despite my attempts at distraction.  My youngest, Everett, really does resemble a duckling, because he’s still pretty new to this walking thing.  He toddles in after me, thumb firmly inserted in his mouth.  Caelum, the considerate and responsible big brother, follows, then turns and shuts the door behind them both.  We’re now all together, having an intimate bonding moment.  Oh goodness.

“Let me give you some privacy, Mama,” his voice conveying the thoughtfulness he deems apparent in his actions.  I mean, really, with the only three people in the house now cozied within a 2×2 area, certainly closing the door would be necessary to give me privacy.  (Note to self:  teach toddler the definition of “privacy.”)

As I sat there, I closed my eyes, trying not to let the “this cannot be my life right now” thoughts take over.  “What are you doing, Mama?” asked Caelum.

“Praying,” was the first word that popped out of my mouth.  And in that moment, I made it true.  “Thanking God for this time with you.”

Because as we all know, sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry.

Baby Crying———————————————————————

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